Finer Things

by Monswoon

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released February 5, 2017

Recorded at Altitude Audio by Austin Day in July and October of 2016. Drums on Finer Things, Grow, and Don't Wait recorded and performed by Austin Day. Mixed by Austin Day. Mastered at Cloud Mountains Audio by Ryan Pote. Album artwork by Donald Dixon.



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Monswoon Jersey

We are a five piece from Southern New Jersey with a sound that is both heavy and melodic in the alternative rock realm.

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Track Name: Finer Things
Place all the records on the table now,
We'll spin them all around,
As all the beers are going down and out,
You'll remember all these nights as the greatest time of your life.
Spin all your favorite 45's and I know every single line,
And I will sing along to every song,
I hoped that these days hadn't gone,
Because they're my favorite days,
And they won't be replaced,
And once they're behind me,
I'll keep playing the same old records every day,
You're always wasted,
Knowing everything won't be the same,
But I can face it,
Some days you know you'll be ok,
You're always wasted but I can face it.
Track Name: Grow
I have become everything that I've hated since I was young.
I swore I'd never be,
I swore and I believed in me.
Loathe every pain,
Tell me how does it feel looking back again?
Grow in every way,
Without having a fear of making mistakes,
And somehow moving on but,
I can't believe how this feeling of shame
Comes over me now,
And I can't escape.
Hope without refrain,
Wishing somehow we could go back to when
These old wooden frames
Barely captured memories of our friends,
I can't believe how this feeling of shame,
Comes over me now,
And I can't escape,
I can't believe how,
I can't believe how,
I can't believe how,
I can't escape.
Track Name: Don't Wait
Oh no, I've said too much about how I feel,
Why don't you ask me where we go from here? Oh...
Someone call 9-1-1,
Emergency is real,
Slow down,
Don't make me rush the moment I had feared...
So what is done is done for now.
And I just want to run far away from you,
As you try holding on, I become unglued,
I'm the one who comes around when you need me most,
And I can't be found.
I'm the one who can't be found,
When you need me most, I'll be around.
I'm the one who comes around when you need me most,
And I can't be found.
Don't wait for me. Don't wait for me. Don't wait...
Track Name: Everything
And everything you've ever wanted were all the things you couldn't have,
And all these dreams you were chasing were everything you know that wouldn't last forever,
And everything you've had to go on, It never seems like it's enough,
And all the places that you've been to don't feel like they'll ever be the one, oh...
They'll feel the notes explode,
And everything you've ever written is only what they'll ever know,
And everything you've ever worked for has only let you down, exposed...